What can we do with our King James Bible gift?

We were pleased to hear that Michael Gove, our Education Secretary, has gifted each school with a presentation copy of the King James Bible. In agreement that "the Bible has a unique place in our nation's history and culture", this has prompted us to offer you a teaching and learning tool which will facilitate a greater understanding of the Bible from a child's eye view.

The changes in our national language have been addressed within our Bible in Literacy resource with the help of Bible Society, our sponsors. We are pleased to offer 'King James' TEXT CARDS alongside the 'Lion First Bible' TEXT CARDS which compare the storyline of the Bible in less than 200 words!

Bill meets Jim

Our hope and aim is for schools to be encouraged to use the recently gifted Bible from the Government in a practical and fun way.

Pupils in some of our UK primary schools have already enjoyed this fun and interactive experience so please email or telephone us on 07939 329879 with your requirements as offered below:

1. Please send our school free King James Text Cards in comparison with Lion First Bible as an email attachment.

2. We would like to arrange a visit for RE training purposes.

3. We would like to know more.

4. We would like to book a Bill & Jim RE lesson.
(Bible in Literacy Lesson meets King James (Jim!)   

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